Willpower and Bravery

Earlier in the decade of the 2010's I learned that I was not as brave as I thought I was. At 32 (or so) my head was deep in self-help books. Unfortunately Daring Greatly didn't come through on my path until more recently. If I had read this book and others like Jen Sincero's YOU are a BADASS, then perhaps I would not be writing this post right now, however I also would not be a self-published author with a #1 bestselling book. By introspecting and writing during that decade of change, I became a braver person; facing small and big fears. A critical and very telling example was when I increased observation of the voice in my head and began to listen very carefully without judgement (which preceded other equally effective strategies). Another quite significant example was when all the knowledge I accumulated from work experience and extensive education indicated a natural birth to be the optimal to start for my unborn children I was so wanting to have. This is to date the most brave (and rewarding) thing I ever did next to the birth of my first book. Both were painful but filled with pleasure, too. Most importantly I came to realize that the personal evolution to a "better" me needed to happen. Now, all the self-help I absorbed was instrumental in my growth but always, I believe, is our own willpower to confront and change that which does us no good. Only then can we really call ourselves brave and bring happiness into our life.