Maximize Your Time with this 1 Question

After viewing a recent video post by Jack Canfield I was reminded of what my dear friend also mentioned during our last chat. Jack stated that we need to work smarter not harder. The many opportunities and possibilities for us today make life exciting, like the fact that writers can self-publish instead of struggle to get noticed by the publishing industry.

Along with our goals to actually go for our dreams and the desired time we want to indulge in any form of media, be it social or the simple entertainment of a movie, comes time pressures.

How do we get around the notion that there is never enough time?

I’ve always been adept at time management which is in part due to the good discipline skills I learned in childhood. When I became interested in creating this online community and pursuing a career as a writer I had to begin to think very carefully about the little free time I had. What could I realistically accomplish in the approximately 1-2 hours I had each day while my youngest napped?

Overarching goals always come to the forefront of my mind when that golden hour is approaching. The one question that I answer within 5 minutes when all the tasks of the day flood to my mind is, “Can it not be done later and if not, which task will get me ahead the most?”.

This simple careful observation of what really cannot be accomplished without my kids around has allowed me to accumulate a decent word count toward my next book as well as the content of blog posts like this one among other things. Keeping in mind the time frame of the goals I want to accomplish helps guide each decision as to what I will focus on.

The trick is to determine which tasks, if delayed, would push back the overall goal I most want to achieve. This strengthens time management, decision-making skills, and planning to help you spend your time wisely to get what you want out of life. Most important of all, your observing ability will rise. So, remember to think smarter instead of working harder and try out this question when you feel frustrated in lack of time or wish to prioritize goals to bring success and happiness about in your life.