How to AVOID Burnout when being Diligent

Slow living is hot right now and for very good reason. Our culture praises productivity which is a good thing most of the time. We enjoy our technological advances like lightning speed social communications via Instagram, FB, etc. Other modern but “old” conveniences such as our cars, smartphones, pizza in a half-hour (we all give in sometimes to cheese savoring) are not to be overlooked. Anyone working on any of these “products” that we consume regularly has utilized some degree of diligence to get to the end result and we’re happy they did. When we become “proficient producers” diligence needs balance, however. When I truly realized I wanted to become a writer, I also learned that there were many, many hours and exhorbant costs (among other things like rising above self-doubt related to contributions people care about) that were inescapable. And time, well we would all pay for more of that! In my particular case, being a SAHM with two little ones left me with a handful of hours a week – when lucky. Of course I’m not the only SAHM trying to transition into another field of work or get a side hustle going. Waking up hours before everyone else and falling on to my bed too many hours after dark was making my diligent efforts dark and gloomy (my kids were exhausting enough). The fun of writing was fleeting and this is when I noticed an old habit creeping up; the one where health and happiness gets pushed off until I have more time, again and again. I had become too enthralled in productivity. Initially I thought about abandoning my attempts at becoming a successful author. It soon became clear that my mind and body simply craved some slow living. My goals were still achievable and worth pursuing with diligence. The following quote is a quick, easy reminder. “Never give up on your dreams just because of the time it takes.” Efforts would simply not be as gratifying or fruitful if I continued to fail to take care of my mind and body first. So many of us think we have to get it all done yesterday and time crunch to do so but diligence does not have to move at the speed of a smartphone. Its ok to slow down and then pick up where we left off, and still, dreams can become a reality.