Posts below reflect overcoming stress by increasing OBSERVATION skills in a relationship. Relationship type is reflected at top of each post. To share your experience of beating stress log into member area and submit a post!


My younger sister and me were discussing the latest options for her house hunting endeavor. After 2 years of searching she finally found a small, charming house suited well for her in many ways. The decision at hand was avoidance of becoming house poor vs. a longtime dream of owning her own home. Money, money, money! I, also a homeowner who had been there before saw clearly her frustrations when "cons" were mentioned. My vote was to go for it and as I noticed her frustration rising in her eyebrows and dismissive attitude, I realized I had to just observe and gently point out her reaction. The discussion continued to be productive in calm, and any argument was thwarted. Eventually, she bought the house.


There I was again, in the midst of a dip. Mood, energy, and digestions were at a downward spiral. Spring was struggling to come even though it was spring break and I was begging for some sun. Why exactly was I here in this sad place again? I had to reflect carefully on my recent choices. What did I do that was bad for me? How did I get here? Cloudy, grey, rainy days were being wished away but weather was an uncontrollable factor.  A pick-me up new project was what I craved. Thinking hard about trigger foods helped me to realize that I should have stopped indulging so much. Most importantly, what would lift me out of this funk. Reflecting back to any strategies that had helped me when down before opened the door back up to health and happiness. I remember plugging away in productivity pinching a bite of this and that. As someone with a pitta constitution this was a no-no. So, I began to take time to sit and eat a meal as best I could. I also took a natural supplement with my meals. The gift of warmth and sunshine arrived the next day luckily. I danced, sang, and created a new song. My body and mind shifted and I was back in a place of health and happiness.

Posts below reflect overcoming stress through OBSERVATION at work. Line of work is reflected at top of each post. To share your experience of beating stress log into member area and submit a post!


In the midst of preparing to launch my book on Amazon, frustration appeared. Steady progress was being made but I was unsure as to why adrenaline was rushing through my veins. I wanted to make it stop because I only had 1 or 2 hrs a day to devote and there was no place for anger between my two little girls and me during the rest of the day! I knew I had to observe carefully so after taking a few steps back (with the help of meditation) I made a new to-do list charting out tasks (and time needed to complete them). My deadline was lurking behind the anger. Anxiety appeared but in a day I made it go away with careful observation, flexibility, (and a vice!).